Christmas Puzzle

2016 Christmas Puzzle

A Tale of Two Kidnappings?!

The North Pole desperately needs your help to SAVE CHRISTMAS!

santa face clean

Oh no! The library of all Christmas stories has gone missing without a trace! Without stories of festive warmth and cheer, Christmas will be ruined forever! We here at the Clausplex need your help to track down the missing elf librarian so that Christmas can be restored, but unfortunately, all we have to go on is this somewhat mangled copy (pdf) of a Christmas story that we found stuffed behind the toilet in one of the library’s loos…. Can you solve the clues and help save Christmas for everyone??!

Good luck and Happy Christmas!

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2015 Christmas Puzzle Archive

A Christmas Conundrum

The North Pole desperately needs your help to SAVE CHRISTMAS!

Christmas Cheer is in desperate need of a reboot, but the instructions that were left to us here at the North Pole were rather, er, cryptic. Can you help us figure them out so that Christmas will be saved for everyone?

This dispatch from the North Pole explains the situation, but if you want to get straight to the puzzles, here are the mysterious instructions that need to be deciphered. Both are pdf documents.