2017 Christmas Puzzle

Where Have All the Reindeer Gone?!

The North Pole desperately needs your help to SAVE CHRISTMAS!

Disaster!  All Santa’s reindeer have been kidnapped by a disgruntled elf who didn’t receive any Christmas cards this year!  This dispatch from the North Pole explains the situation in more detail, but here’s the summary: the only way to save Christmas is to solve the devious puzzles in this cryptic ransom note (pdf) and follow the instructions.  Can you help us figure out how to get Santa’s reindeer back before it’s too late?

Good luck and Happy Christmas!

Note: if you think you’ve found an error, please e-mail  Any updates, corrections or hints will be listed on this page.


  • 27 Dec 2017 14:08  New pdf posted which includes a change to the red-bordered section at the top of page 1 and a change to the silver-bordered section at the top left of page 2.
  • 26 Dec 2017, 21:54. One black dot is missing from the middle-left of page 7.  This has now been corrected in the .pdf.


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